Honestly, I should have left them after my first month...

I am currently running my proxy host on a WDServers.com server. At least once a month, there has been some kind of downtime but it wasn't usually too bad.

The owner shows a complete disregard for his clients, and does not care at all whether or not I leave and I can tell my money means nothing to him. Tickets remain unanswered for hours, reboot requests will be ignored for most of the day.

Now, my server is currently offline with all of my clients. I wish there was something that I could do, but its completely out of my control. I contacted this guy, and after 12 hours he gave me the answer "we're having server problems, i don't know when it will be back online".

It is now been 24 hours of downtime and no update or response. If only I could get access to the files on my server, I'd be moving all of my clients ASAP. However right now I'm in a position where I can do nothing until it is fixed.

What should I do I plan on leaving to a different provider as soon as I can get access to the server again. And stay away from WDServers unless you don't care about your website's uptime.