Every hosting company has documentation to cover themselves legally like T.O.S. and A.U.P, etc. I have created the first rough draft of a document that I call the "Web Hosting Customer Bill of Rights" which I intend to use on my hosting website to build trust. This is only the first version and is not final.

What are your thoughts about this?
If you already host at Vectro, do you feel this is truly being lived up to?
Do any changes need to be made?

Money Back Policy

All accounts come with a 30 day money back policy for anyone who is not satisfied with the service. This policy was made with the confidence that every effort is made to please customers and refunds are rarely requested. Having a good reputation means making sure customer's needs are met. Satisfaction is the first priority, otherwise there is no point to being in business.

Customer Support

Support requests are responded to in 24 hours or less. It is extremely rare that it takes longer than that. In fact, most support tickets are resolved in less than a day. This is made possible by an organized customer management system which is checked frequently. Customers have the right to transparency and real information about what is causing a certain problem and what is being done to resolve it. Blaming the customer and making excuses do not solve problems. Even if the problem is on the customer's end, best efforts are always made to assist the customer in solving the problem themselves if they need.


Vectro promises not to raise the prices for current customers with active hosting packages. This means the monthly price you started paying for your package when you signed up is the price you will always pay. It will not be increased unless you choose to upgrade your account at some point. When an upgrade order is placed, a prorated invoice is generated for the first month so you only pay for the days you actually use. Another exception to this rule is domain names. The domain registrar which is used to resell domains or ICANN, the domain name authority, both set the prices and can increase them at any time. As they increase the prices, so must service providers like Vectro. Service providers have no control over this. Changes to domain prices are rare and when they happen are usually only increased by a few pennies.

Server Performance

Vectro is responsible for maintaining, updating, troubleshooting and repairing the servers. The servers are not installed and then forgotten about. They are checked routinely and changes are made as necessary. Software updates and important security updates are performed on a routine basis. Various applications, modules and operating system modifications are used to fine-tune the server performance. Several programs are used to check the systems for common problems. In some cases, the monitoring software can even fix the problem automatically.


Third party uptime monitoring is used to make sure the servers are responding properly. This is an integral part of server stability and uptime. Customers are notified whenever there is planned downtime for maintenance. In the extremely rare event that there is unexpected downtime, there is always an effort to resolve it as soon as possible and notify customers once there is enough information about the issue.

Account Suspension

Accounts are usually only suspended for 2 reasons. One reason is late payments. The easiest way to remedy this is to make a payment. The other common reason is violation of the terms of service. If this is the case, an effort will be made to contact any customer found in violation to work with them to resolve the issue. Ideally, the customer will remove any content in violation and their account will be un-suspended.

Account Termination

Deleting an account is never the first instinct. The main goal is to keep websites online and they are only removed in extreme cases. The most common cause for termination is when a package has been suspended for 3 months because of overdue payment. Another reason for termination is because the customer requested it. There are two options when placing a cancelation requests, immediate or at the end of the billing cycle. If an account is found in violation of the terms of service and the customer has not responded to removal requests, then the account can be terminated. Another reason for account termination is payment fraud. When an account is terminated, all of the files, settings, logs and backups are deleted permanently.

Resource Limits

If an account hits resources limits, this usually indicates that there is a problem with the traffic. In most cases, it means the site is being heavily accessed by bots, scrapers, spammers or even a search engine crawler stuck in an endless error loop. Don't panic if you notice your limits being hit. Just open a support ticket and the cause of the bad traffic will be investigated for you. This type of support is included with all packages, so don't be shy. The goal is to fix your site.


Vectro will never give or sell your personal information to any 3rd parties without explicit permissions. All customer data is stored securely.