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Thread: What are the advantages of SSD VPS?

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    What are the advantages of SSD VPS?

    I came across web site and recognized that they offer SSD VPS hosting solutions - this attracted me.
    What privileges will I have with SSD VPS?
    Any comments on this host?

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    Funny as hell that all your posts, you say this host is good, that host is good.
    Then ask is this host good for wordpress.
    Then here if this is good.

    I am thinking you are just spamming out companies you either own, part of, or paid to spam the forum with these different host companies.

    For sure, one post you act dumb as crap, then in the next the expert in hosting.

    Just a spammer way I look at you!

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    LOL. It's sad how quiet forums get if you shut off all the whisper campaigns and paid endorsements. After we closed the door to major sources of this stuff we can almost hear a pin drop in here. Kinda makes them stand out when they show up.
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    Even so, it is a neat marketing trick to offer SSD VPS hosting. Although, I doubt that using SSD (Solid State as opposed to spinning disks) drives would make any difference to the end user.

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    Solid state drives make a big difference in performance with PCs, but the advantages may be negligible with a busy web server. is located in Canada, so there would an SEO disadvantage for sites with a focus on any other country. I think they know that. Their web site is evasive regarding their server location. I could not find any address for the company on their web site, but their site IP is Canadian and their WHOIS confirms a Canadian address.
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    Also, a web hosting company needs large amounts of storage space if they offer each customer gigs of storage. And with most of the data maybe not accessed very often, SSD only makes sense for use in a cache to me.

    Ideally, various drives types would be set up to optimally handle the data such as cache, websites, and backup.

    Incidentally, I pulled out a conventional 500GB drive from a digital TV set top box to use in my PC, and it is designed to spin continuously 24/7. So could be used in a server and not put into sleep mode. Then the seek time would maybe be the main delay.

    For a home server, an SSD makes a lot of sense. Low power consumption, always on, no noise, big enough for the data, etc.

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    Specializing in the specific field will welcome/attact that particular groups of customer. this make you think company knows how to do their job qualified. I think specialization is good, from the clients standpoint: this means provider knows how to make everything working, and has stable qualified stuff, but I have doubt that shared hosting only could be considered as specialization at all.

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    How long has the host been around, it’s beneficial if they have been established for some time, but this doesn’t mean rule out the really new ones but if you are going to choose a newish hoster, ask your self how are you going to feel if your site just disappears and you have no chance of getting it back?

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    I have been using an SSD drive for the primary disk of my PC for a while now and it really speeds things up, especially re-boot time. But I still don't think that it is a good solution for a web server because RAM should probably be used for a cache and then an array of convention drives for Terabytes of storage. Or check out what Facebook and Google do for their ultra-high traffic and capacity needs.

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