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Thread: What are CPU and RAM? How do they affect a dedicated server?

  1. Question What are CPU and RAM? How do they affect a dedicated server?

    RAM, or random access memory, is a form of short-term storage used by computers. RAM is commonly used by applications and operating systems to store data that needs to be kept “ready,” and will need to be accessed very quickly in the near future.

    In contrast to Hard Disk or Storage, RAM (memory) directly affects server performance. Without a sufficient amount of physical RAM, a server may have trouble running software with the desired level o performance.
    One of the key benefits of dedicated servers is the ability to accommodate a large amount of physical memory (RAM). Dedicated servers can be configured with up to 128GB, or more, of hard-wired RAM. That’s a lot!

    The CPU, or processor (central processing unit), is one of the most critical components of a server. It is responsible for handling all processing tasks, and delegating requests for resources between RAM, storage devices, and other parts of the system.

    The performance of a dedicated server is often directly related to the power of the CPU it is equipped with, although other factors such as storage configuration can also play a significant role. In general, processors with a greater number of cores, and greater frequeny per core (usually measured in GHz), will provide increased performance for all tasks that require processing.

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