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Thread: What host is the best (Free and Paid)

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    Re: What host is the best (Free and Paid)

    [quote name="TayneC8"]My favourite free would have to be and my favourite paid would be[/quote]

    Ya , I would be using too in a few days . Tayne , I might need your help . :whistle:

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    Re: What host is the best (Free and Paid) is very decent for a free host solution. If not them, and is not bad either.

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    I use and it is not too bad. They have a Post To Host system, which doesn't take too long to get. They also have great support and I recommend them much!

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    Best free host: 5 GB space, 200 GB bandwidth. It's a tad slow, but still ok. 8/10.

    Best paid host: I don't use paid hosts.

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    If your looking for Free Webhosts check a whole directory of them here :

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    HawkHost is very good.

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    Yes they are good but they are paid hosting... but this topic is for free hosting....

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    Yeah, maybe even try Post2Host

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    000webhost is a decent free host. Making money off of it is easy as well. Just refer others.

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    My favourite paid would have to be Hostgator now. I hate ideastack lately.

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