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Thread: What kind of hosting

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    I am using shared hosting..

    I may switch to dedi if my sites grow big....

  2. I am on shared for now,dont need anything more,but a VPS would be a good way to get to know the way a dedi works,but dont need it yet

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    I dont use dedicated hosting, just because i cannot afford it
    I happen to use shared hosting from HawkHost, one of the cheapest hosting around.
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  4. Now I use Dedicated server since I am web host.
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    I used shared hosting, and it works fine for me...
    I think it depends on what you need, and what you can afford.
    If you are on shared hosting, it's probably good to see who you're sharing with.

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    I guess that "you will know when to switch to a dedicated server when the time comes" e.g. your bandwidth limits and resource limits will be eaten up.

    Outsourcing bandwidth is one idea to put this day off such as instead of pushing content to all your customer sites as if they all have equal traffic, you could install plugins on their sites that pull content according to demand as if they are simply surfing your sites. As opposed to lots of CRON jobs triggering scripts to feed out content to mostly low traffic sites.

    I like Hostgator reseller hosting since it is low cost and metered, but with a big allocation of bandwidth and disk space. Also, it may be an advantage to be buried in the noise of many other sites hosted on the same server.

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    I were buy VPS for my proxies and still using vps and some shared hostings...

    but no need for server at this moment..
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