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Thread: Whats Your Experience With Free Hosts ?

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    my First free host was on what I started my first forum. It was k, I didn't plan on doing something big with the site, just to chat with friends I know from a other forum. Then my second free host was and still is sitefrost which gives you cPanel and everything with it you need to run a site. It used to be a big pain! Very slow but now the moved to a new server network and are very fast or good speed I shall say.

    Whats your experience with free hosts ? It can be hosts who offer you our own ACP but no cPanel or host who offer you the options of both.

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    i have used two free hosts-i started out on proboards and moved on to freeforums.

    for being an active member of the freeforums support forum, the admin offered to pay for my domain name for a year and give me a load of upgrades, so thats pretty good
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    My experience wasn't bad actually only on one certain night the host would just go down for about three hours and then I eventually got sick of it and let the forum die even though it was dead. This year I ain't used a free host but ZetaBoards as I like them and what they offer and they have amazing resources. I would personally advise members to stay away and use a strong Post2Host service that has been around for years or get a paid host.

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