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Thread: where to go?

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    where to go?

    Hey guys. Where did you go to get your website? I want to set up my own website but I am having trouble choosing where to go. Someone suggested I use Dreamweaver but it looks quite complicated as you have to do it all from beginning to end. I also found 1&1 but I am not sure that's the best one for me...Anyone got any ideas or suggestions for me? Thank you.

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    There is wordpress, drupal, and much more.
    For hosting, quite a bit out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    There is wordpress, drupal, and much more.
    For hosting, quite a bit out there.
    Are there any you have tried? Or would recommend for a website for a business? Thanks.

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    Most of the business web sites that I build use WordPress. Even someone with no technical skills can set up a WordPress site. Skills are only required for customization.

    Almost all hosting companies offer WordPress. Just choose one with Linux hosting.
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    Where to go? Go to a web design company.

  6. If you are going to use WordPress you can host with them for free, that is a good way to get to know the software and see if you like it.
    Once you are ready to move to a paid hosting service I'd recommend you choose an inexpensive shared host that has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, a lot of providers will also include a free domain name if you sign up and stay with them for a year.

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