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Thread: Who was your first host?

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    My first paid host was My first free host was (maybe GeoCities, but I liked homestead more).

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    My first host was , part of the group.

    How was it?

    Terrible to say the least.

    Currently I'm with, a great company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ubz View Post
    My first was realValueHosting. It was the only one to accept paypal back in 2005. I still host my one site with them. Pretty cheap. 20$ per yr.
    Thanks ubz
    We do accept payments via several methods for Indian clients & US Clients alognwith Paypal and credit cards.

    I hope you are having good time with us
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    Mine was something which used to be down for 12 hours. Don't remember the name.

    And then I moved to hostgator.

    - Digital -

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    My first host was " Hostgator " and still i am connected with them.
    They provides a awesome quick support when ever i have a doubt.

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    Mine was iwhic. Cos they were cheap and good
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    My first host was I used them for few years, my experience was good.

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    My first and current host is I heard about them when Nathan brought the company. And I am really happy with them.

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    My first host was Hostgator. Now I have my own

  10. My first host was the hosting that came with my earthlink broadband account. I think it was like 10 MB of webspace.
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