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Thread: Who was your first host?

  1. Smile Who was your first host?


    Who was your first host?

    What made you pick them / How did you hear of them?

    For me it was Yahoo, my Physics sir told me to go in for Geocities, but I landed up with Yahoo Small Business Hosting and I bought their package.

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    My first host was 1and1. They were pretty alright. I came to know of them through another webmaster forum.

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    My first PAID host was They were not very helpful at all...

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    My first host was hostgator they we're amazing.

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    My first was realValueHosting. It was the only one to accept paypal back in 2005. I still host my one site with them. Pretty cheap. 20$ per yr.

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    The first free one I used, was Geocities.Com. The first paid one was WARP3.COM Hosting, Domeinen en DNS services if I remember well


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    My first host was Media52 because originally I wanted a host that had specific Ruby on Rails hosting and there weren't too many. I'm still using them for but I have tried other since for other sites.

  8. Well, I noticed in Farrad's post he stated way back to the good-old-days of Yahoo Geocities....If that counts, then that was my first provider. I used their free service for a while just to learn a little bit about HTML and Design, never really made any money or anything. But, if it doesn't count, then GoDaddy is my first hosting provider, which is the only one I have ever used. Anyone else use GoDaddy for hosting?

    (This has inspired me to make a thread about Yahoo Geocities )

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    My first website was also on Geocities. My first paid webhost was Neoprohosting. The first decent Hosting, though, was Godaddy. Switched to Hostgator, still with them and also signed up for Aquarius Storage for my beta projects. I also had a stint with Byet Free Hosting (better than most paid hosts, I bet)

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    Mine was Polar Web Services and they were just awful. Was paying way too much for them.

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