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Thread: Your Best Domain Name?

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    Last year I purchased for $90. I think thats my best one. I had planned to start a health product review site, but didnt do anything.

  2. I am not exactly sure what you guys think is a good domain or not, but in my time looking through godaddy, before I got my domain.

    Domain Name:

    I think this domain has a really good amount of potential. I would have purchased it, but it is priced at $5400, which I cannot afford right now. What do you think of that one?

  3. @Riccur Maybe it is just me, but I did not like the name at all. The 2 makes it look unprofessional.

    Maybe if it is something Web 2.0 related it can do well.
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  4. #14 - Great for my site. A short punchy URL, and a shortened version of "" which would be far too long and complicated. - As a fansite for "", Kongonia is a brilliant name. I didn't think of it myself, a bunch of friends did and I just joined in halfway through the discussion and made it... - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Hosting and Designs. It also does some other stuff (the site itself), but hey, the domain and name has already been decided.

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    I got a few which I think are pretty good:

    All unused except Full Masti

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