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Thread: 10 Free Methods To Promote Proxy Sites & Proxy Lists

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    10 Free Methods To Promote Proxy Sites & Proxy Lists

    ProxiesLounge had been doing some research looking for all google and yahoo groups that allows members to post their proxy sites. Beside we have listed 10 methods to advertise your proxy site or list.

    * Over 60 yahoo and google groups to promote for free
    * Lean the websites where to promote
    * How to promote using these methods

    Yahoo Groups

    View the complete list

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    Great article and a great read once again! You're doing an amazing job on ProxiesLounge, keep it up!

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thats a great article for someone like me. Thanks mate

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    you are welcome, most of those groups allows you to post your proxy site and it will be sent to all subscribers. However you have to join the group, just make sure to subscribe "web only" so you don't get e-mail sent to you.

    Good luck!

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