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Thread: 27 pre made proxy sites?

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    27 pre made proxy sites?

    As the title says I have 27 proxy sites doing nothing. They were active sites linked to active domains for close to 2 months. Then given the problems I had with TMZ and the fact proxies were pissing me off I terminated my hosting contract and left the sites.

    Whats I'm asking is would anyone be intrested in them? They all have hand written content by me.

    3 or so are phproxy and the rest are glype based.

    I'm just trying to work out if there is anything I can do with them, since I have no intentions of going back into proxies at all.

  2. You still have the designs and the domains? That should be pretty saleable!

    Should I move this thread to Marketplace?
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    They are all .info? and which registrar?
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    They are all .info domains with godaddy.

    I actually have more than 27 domains, somewhere around 32 I think (going off the top of my head)

    But yeah 27 were active all different templates with orginal content.

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    When is the expiry date for them?
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    they all have a good 9 months + left on them

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    Are you selling the domains or the templates, sorry im a little confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacblac67 View Post
    Are you selling the domains or the templates, sorry im a little confused.
    I was just seeing what options I have. Once I work out how much they are worth I'll let you know (or stick a post up in the marketplace)

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