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Thread: adBrite ads not showing up in my newest proxy site

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    Red face adBrite Ads Not Showing Up In My Newest Proxy Site

    I just got adbrite on my new proxy website installous, and I'm getting pretty annoyed with it. I put the adbrite ads on both home page and proxified pages, because I've been banned by Google Adsense.

    It's been around 48 hours, but it says "Advertise on this site, powered by by Adbrite". when is the actual ads going to show up?

    The theme is optimized to take two 250×250 Google Adsense ads just above the url mini form. In adbrite I can't find any, 250×250 ads.

    So I placed 300 x 250 Banner & text ads and wonder if it's fit with my theme.

    why is this happening
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    If I remember correctly, they can take a little time to actually show money paying ads; however, have not mucked with them in a while...they also allow advertisers to op-out of showing ads on specific sites (again going back to my foggy memory).

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    AdBrite no longer support proxies, see this thread:
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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