I just received this email today from AdBrite to say they're not going to serve ads to proxy sites anymore. I know it was on the cards but now it's official seeing as they've sent out an email warning:

Our site review department needs to be able to review the content of a site in order to ensure the content is allowed. Under this policy we cannot allow sites that frame other sites, such as a URL shortening service or a proxy. If you have registered one of these services with us in the past we will be disabling the zone and ask that you please remove the zone from your site. This will not affect your other zones and you will receive your payment according to the normal payment schedule.

adBrite Client Services
I don't have any other zones, I only use them on proxies but luckily I got a payout cheque a couple of weeks ago for just over $100 for ads 'til end Dec 2010. Given that they pay so poorly I'm only going to lose a few weeks worth of revenue, probably $15 if that, it takes over six months to get the $100 minimum for payout, then it costs $10 (£6) in bank charges to process (I'm in UK).

I have, just last week, been accepted into Adversal so it looks like I'm going to have to put pop-unders on all my proxies now as much as I hate them. I don't want to give away bandwidth after all, I'm a skinflint/tightwad penny pincher kinda guy and someones gotta pay

Ah well, more work (damn it), making new Adversal zones and altering config files. Will it ever end....

Sometimes I hate proxies, but they do buy me new shiney things.