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Thread: AdSense CPC Falling...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Most of them don't get touched in any given month.

    Of course, most of them make almost no revenue.

    The few sites I do spend time, effort, and money on return revenue. The rest serve either to funnel PR or they are just aging and waiting to be developed.
    Ok. Thanks for the answers. Maybe I will start few adsense sites in the near future. If I just can get ridof this lazyness. I was supposed to do one video today. It is already 17:13 PM here in Finland. All I have done, is that I opened Camtasia.

  2. Is it seasonal? I worked in Oslo for awhile and the seasons were a big factor in everyones moods.

    In the Winter, Oslo is dark and depressing and no one wants to work. In the Summer, it's bright and warm and everyone wants to stare at the pretty girls instead of working.
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