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Thread: AdSense formats for proxy homepages

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    AdSense formats for proxy homepages

    While I wait for my TMZ account to be activated I thought I'd throw a quick template together for glype but I'd like to ask the successful proxy owners what AdSense formats you guys put on the front page (non-proxified) and where on the page works best for you. My design has a main content pane on the left and a small pane to the right.

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    Yep, you can see mine here; Smurf to all sites by using this web based p-r-o-x-y!

    It does the best for me

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Totally different from what I was expecting based on all the themes that are available for glype, most of which seem to be two column designs.

    Even tho I'm planning to develop a small network of proxies I'm not too worried about linking them all together, except perhaps in the footer, so the idea of using a single column works for me.

    Quick question, does it ever matter if the proxy form is below the fold?

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    Good old 2 big squares a long with the long link box do the trick. Also I've found having the Google search bar above the proxy search to be quite handy indeed!

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