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Thread: Adsense Question: More Luck Here?

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    Adsense Question: More Luck Here?


    I have seen at least two proxy owners using high paying keywords so as to milk adsense ([ame=""]The Proxy Discussion Thread - Page 852[/ame]). Forex, student loans: Are such keywords in line with Adsense TOS?

    I ask this question here on netbuilders (again) as I have hardly seen any (comprehensive) reply in DP.

    Looking forward to learning your opinion.


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    Alright, I've told this a dozen times already but I understand that it's hard to find where it was posted

    Here is what happened with me when testing this:
    First I made a proxy with proxy keywords, got around 10 clicks, worth $0,25
    Than I made another proxy with high paying keywords, got around 1 click (after waiting a few days..), worth $0,14

    So what's worth more you guess? The proxy-based keywords. And it's easy to understand. People visiting proxy sites are interested in proxy stuff, not stuff about loans, forex or other uninteresting stuff

    Good luck with your proxies mate!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Stand in the shoes of your visitors for a moment and consider this: What are the chances of someone looking to use a free proxy be interested in forex or loans? I must say it is good to experiment though. There are some good paying keywords (a few dollars per click) that are indirectly related to proxy niche. Think what proxy users might be interested in and check the estimated CPC using google keyword tool.

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    Thank you both

    Thank you both for your answers. I cab draw the conclusion that it is not against Adsense TOS, but maybe not a smart thing to do according to Aquarezz. However,
    I think I am going to experiment a bit as suggested by small.

    Thx guys, really helpful!

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    No it won't work, Google Adsense wont pay you for the full price for the keywords on a proxy sites. Their system will know the traffic you send is untargeted and probably wont convert. Its called smart pricing.
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