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Thread: Adsense & Template Colors

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    Adsense & Template Colors


    I have one simple question related to my magic theme (under developpement) . I have read people asking why their earnings folded and other answered that their users were tired of the template.

    Do you think that if I randomly change colors of the glype default template my AdSense earnings will be improved ?
    And if I randomly change the text to prevent AdSense ban, can it work ?


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    Yes, I have already set up some palettes to use
    Anyway, I will post the results of my experiments in one month (or less ^^).

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    I had around a year ago experimented with this idea. Here is a backup I had still I just uploaded


    Can see that the backgrounds alter colors and the adsense also does. I ran these for around 3 months and to be honest it didnt seem to effect the earning positively or negatively. Currently I am trying a different idea which is to take all the content on page and create 3 index pages like index1 index2 index3 and then with a php code to include random pages I add the code to main index and randomize the content ad placement and url bar placement. This is being tested on this proxy had hoped it would create a positive effect as the design had been up for sometime and thought it might catch the regular users off gaurd. Even this hasnt shown any positive effects.

    I am starting to think the only time a proxy does get clicks is when the user is intersted in the ad + a couple misclicks. So I think even in the proxy world relevant keyword rich content might be the only way to get the clicks.

    Be interested to see how this pans out for you as it didnt for me.

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    Thanks for the feedback Mr. Bill
    You can view the first proxy of my new network here :

    I have also modifed some other stuffs and now all I have to do is to upload the same theme to each proxy. Content, Title, Description & Links are automatically generated

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