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Thread: Adsense’s ultimate guide, tools, and resources

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    Lightbulb Adsense’s ultimate guide, tools, and resources

    Here's a new article posted Here at proxieslounge for all proxy owners who use Adsense, however I would like to share it here on the forums with all fellow proxy webmasters so here it is. If you find it useful remember to visit us and say thanks or ask questions.

    Google AdSense Tools
    Google AdSense Toolbox
    This tool will allow you to see the latest Google Ads that are contextual and geo-targeted based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering

    SpyFu allows you to look up any website and see how much it is spending on AdSense, how it ranks for each keyword. It gives you an idea of how much you may have to spend in order to get ahead of your competitors and how to wisely spend and stay within your budget.

    Ads Preview/Comparison Tool
    This tool has the ability to customize the colors and view what ads a certain URL would be likely to display.

    Google AdSense Calculator
    This AdSense Calculator will help you to predict changes in your earnings depending on improvement or deterioration of Page Impressions, CTR and CPC.

    Google AdSense Firefox Extensions

    AdSense Notifier
    Are you one of those who visit every 30 minutes the adsense page to see how much have you earned for the past 30 minutes? This extension displays your AdSense earnings in the status bar, simple as that.

    Money Quake
    Money Quake allows you to see your real-time earnings for many popular advertising programs, including AdSense, Bidvertizer, and few others.

    GraphSense gives you a visual look at your AdSense reports by adding graphs to the interface.

    Google AdSense Guides and Tutorials

    Problogger’s AdSense Tips for Bloggers
    Darren Rowse’s excellent eight-part series will get you well on your way to making money from AdSense.

    The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Effective AdSense Link Units Optimization
    A great rundown of the different types of link units and how they’re best used in a website layout.

    Where Should I Place Google Ads on my Page?
    The Google AdSense team has made a helpful map showing the different regions of a website layout where AdSense units perform the best.

    Adsense Tips, Layout Optimization Tricks for Higher CTR
    A collection of excellent do’s and don’ts for new publishers, as well as advice for more advanced AdSense users.

    Rotate Google AdSense Ad Colors : Reduce Ad Blindness
    One of the many enemies of publishers who rely on ads is banner blindness. Rotating ad colors is a good way to combat banner blindness, resulting in more clicks on ads.

    Google AdSense Tips, Tricks and Secrets
    Popular SEO blogger Michael Gray has an extensive post on various AdSense tips and performance boosters.

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    I currently use MoneyQuake now, and it's a great Adsense tool like no other. I'm always looking forward to grow my Adsense earnings through this amazing tool.

  3. i didnt know there are firefox ad ons for adsense. thanks

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    Adsense Notifier don't work anymore, it used to work great in old days,

    May be it works with old versions of firefox
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    Those resources, especially the guides and tutorials are great. Thanks for sharing :0

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    nice article again after long time.

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