This is a topic I posted on my 2 favorite forums!
Yes, yes, it's posted on NetBuilders and WPT!

Hopefully the owners can share some opinions with each other?

What do you owners prefer?
Do I need to allow china, iran etc. traffic to ProxLists.Com too or not? I get tons of it on all my proxies (even if they're blocked, they get accessed by thousands of ways)...

It won't hurt your proxies, as when a user from those countries would visit your proxies, they would just could use it, or see a 'blocked' page...

Normally I wouldn't do this, but as I see 2 of my big oponnents (and there are dozens of others too) allow it (Proxy.org & AZProxies.com)

What is the best? Allow it or disallow it? My alexa will go higher too which can be good, but it can also have a negative effect to my adsense earnings...

It's just something I can decide... so maybe you can help me?