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Thread: Any good CPM ads for proxified pages?

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    Any good CPM ads for proxified pages?

    Hello, I need a good CPM ads for my proxy network. It should pay via paypal and easy to register. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  2. Mr.Bill recommended these four, in order;

    • Adversal
    • Adbrite
    • Adtoll
    • Global Interactive
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    never heard of Adversal got few money from adbrite and no money from adtoll

    how about affiliate programs on proxy

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    GlobalInteractive should be second on that list, it is way better than AdBrite.
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    Hmmm, Sounds goood, signed up for Global Interactive as well.
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    hardly the thing for a proxy page then

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    Agreed with Zash, Adbrite sucks

    Use GI and Adversal for proxified page, both pays via Paypal
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    Be very wary of GI at the moment. I dropped them a little while back for running some highly malicious code in their ads (malware, hidden 0x0 iframes, popups within banners, outright browser hijacks and redirects) and haven't looked back since.

    I tried them again just last week hoping maybe they'd cleaned up their act and spent 2 hours removing malware from my computer for my efforts, and that was after less than a half dozen impression...

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