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Thread: Anyone els get screwed by tmzhosting?

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    Anyone els get screwed by tmzhosting?

    After ticketing why my hosting had been down , a few days later i got an answer. Basically it says, we screwed up, sorry abotu yoru luck, and have a nice day.
    p.s here is a crappy coupon for your troubles

    Dear Valued Client,

    Protecting our client’s account information is a top priority, and we value the trust you place in TMZHosting. Regrettably, errors with non-redundant server setup have caused us to write this email. As is the case with many companies that maintain databases of information.

    Due to the significant amount of uncertainty in determining which accounts may have been impacted, TMZHosting felt that it was in your best interest to take the precautionary steps of reaching out to you and all clients regarding this issue. In addition, we are asking all of our clients to use a different proxy host and restore their backups (where necessary).

    Due to the damage caused by this server malfunction we have created an affiliation with another proxy hosting provider that would give you the best level of quality services for 65% OFF if you use coupon code “***” (Without Quotes) when you sign up (Valid until January 30th). If you need any help signing up with TechEntrance please e-mail us at or contact TechEntrance. You can view all their plans below this email with the links to sign up.

    We believe these actions are the responsible steps to protect the trust you place in TMZHosting. We will continue to share information with you about the enhancements we are making. We will also be discontinuing our proxy services.
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