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Thread: Anyone notices there proxy on websites that they we not submitted to?

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    Thumbs up Anyone notices there proxy on websites that they we not submitted to?

    I have seen a couple of my proxy sites on proxy list and on yahoo answers, with out me submitting my proxy to them. I just think it awesome how some people do the work for me. Have anyone else noticed this were your content becomes available on some random site?

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    My network is only a week old so I haven't noticed any of that yet, but a lot of proxy sites and list sites seem to have a domain name that is unrelated to their content so are you sure it's a URL you haven't submitted to?

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    I for one would never be that lucky. If you find the person please share a couple of my links with them

    Seriously though have you used any promotion service on any site?

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
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    I see it happen tons of times with me...
    Mostly with Yahoo Answers, but also I found out some people are sending my links in their Yahoo group

    This is mostly, because some starting groups use the 'new proxies' list from
    And if you're lucky and in that list, there is done some extra promotion

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Nope no promotion service at all, I just submit my proxies to Tech-faq,centurian,working proxies, etc.. but some how it appeared here with out submitting to them. For example, Open Proxies For The Free Internet, describing my proxy template made by elbandelero, also Always Fresh Proxy , in the featured section. My proxy is the

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