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Thread: Baron acquires Glype

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    Baron acquires Glype

    Breaking news from Baron acquires Glype

    Hello everyone. I am Baron Munchausen, the administrator of and other sites. I am pleased to announce that I have just acquired Glype, the most popular web-based proxy script. This is great news for all Glype users everywhere. More information to follow. is the proxy authority. Over 44,000 proxies listed, 44,000 forum users, and 200,000 mailing list subscribers.Get an Email Blast for only $5 (just 2.5¢ CPM).

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    Good stuff Baron, hope you can keep up on it unlike the previous owner.


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    Well done and congrats, Baron. I hope it is worth your while and I wish you every success with it, cheers buddy

    I look forward to more developements
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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    Great to see Glype has a new owner, maybe there will be changes now

    Have you been thinking about changing the name or will you keep it like that?

    Good luck with the script and website, good to see you bossing the proxy industry
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Congrats for Baron, happy business!

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    Congrats Baron,

    Best of luck with and hope to hear more good news in glype developments.
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    Congrats Baron... hope that now we will get glype 2.0 with lots more feature.


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    Congratulations. So it was you who I recently dealt with on Digitalpoint. I like your style =)
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