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    Has anyone tried the proxy script bblocked yet?


    • Templating system rivaled by no other web-based proxy project
    • Supports both FTP, and HTTP protocols.
    • Supports HTTP over SSL (requires PHP extension OpenSSL).
    • Allows customization of cookies, HTTP referrer, and user-agent.
    • Reconstructs HTML/JavaScript/CSS to redirect page requests back through the proxy.
    • Automatic page redirection.
    • Ability to upload/download files to/from servers.
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    Interesting. I have never heard of this one before, and it's been out for a while. I think I'll give it a whirl!

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    Yep I tried... but it kinda uses much resources from the server, that's why I stick with Glype


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    i tried Bblocked proxy script, but never used the script for my sites. I also had proxy sites using PhpMyProxy - , few months ago was one of the fastest proxy scripts for me. I used Surrogafier too, bad because the owner stoped the developement.

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