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Thread: Better proxy hosting? Vps?

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    Yes, VPS or dedicated for proxies.

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    I've just come across this thread, since some people visited through it.

    I'm Sam, who runs ClanDrive Hosting.

    To clarify, we allow web proxy hosting within our VPS and dedicated range only; it is disallowed within our shared/reseller hosting.

    @Szise: Thanks for the recommendation for us in proxy hosting, we host a lot of proxy sites across our VPS and dedicated ranges with some great satisfaction from clients.


    @Zash: Our RAM allocations on our VPSs, is good for the price we offer it at. We do not offer a the cheapest hosting - but we do not oversell our resources. Our servers are of high quality, along with the networks they run on. We provide a good level of support to our clients for the price which they pay. We've been around for two years, been providing a good level of hosting throughout it.

    We also have some great deals on dedicated hosting of where we can offer high amounts of RAM at a low cost to the client.

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    Interesting, ill check it out,
    I didnt care for santrex vps and I really need to get off shared hosting in the next few months

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