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Thread: Bext Proxies to use for Digg?

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    Bext Proxies to use for Digg?

    I am looking for which proxies are the best to use when trying to increase Diggs? This would mean it would be a proxy which can handle logging in and storing sessions, but also works with JavaScript and will allow Digg's AJAX to work. Any suggestions for this?

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    Any web based proxy will do CGI seems to have the most support for server side scripts but glype and phproxy will be fine to. You could use a IP based proxy and these will do every thing you need you dont even notice your using them apart from speed is alot slower but wont effect you.

    Where can you get these proxy's?
    CGI proxy's
    IP based proxys

    To check the IP based proxy's use this site it's realy good
    Proxy checker

    Hope that helps you out.

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    I've tried that before, but there seems to be something strange going on which makes it not working. Instead if I were you, I'd join the Stumble & Digg exchange here on NetBuilders and the private forum I'm creating
    |Nico Lawsons

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    If that's not working the only other thing i can think of is to try a VPN.But that's only good for a couple of digs. You can try ultravpn which is totally free and very quick to sign up.

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    I've worked with CGI proxies before and have been doing those, but not all of them work. I do have a VPN account into my school which I take FULL advantage of as a completely unique IP, but it's hard to find tons of new VPN accounts and whatnot...

    To Aquarezz I already am a member of the Digg and Stumble Exchange here but I don't find I can get many votes there. Can you link me to your private forum?

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