Hey everyone,

I'm running myself into an early grave teaching English, they pay isn't great even though the job is very rewarding. Same thing with writing, it's great work that I enjoy, but I also have to keep working, there is not such thing as passive income.

So, I'm reading all the threads from you guys who run proxies and thinking maybe it's time to give this a go.

I already have a few domains doing nothing, some are dead sites, others are domains I bought with the intention of using, none of them are even remotely related to proxies but that seems to be a good thing doesn't it?

If I get myself some proxy hosting and upload a script I could be up and running in a few hours, but, instead of bashing my head against a brick wall I want an opinion or a hundred from people who are running proxies. Can I make a reasonable passive income from this? My idea of a reasonable passive income is about $1000 per month to begin with, it's a low amount but would let me work less on teaching an writing and allow me to write the book I always planned to get around to.

Is making money with proxies as easy as just setting it up?
Can anyone recommend a proxy host that accepts Paypal (netbuilder member)?
What ad programs explicitly allow proxies (don't want to get banned from AdSense)?
Any other advice (I'm not rich yet, and I don't want to become a statistic)?

Thanks everyone, Andy