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  1. Clonepal Proxy Script

    Has anyone tried the Clonepal PHP Proxy Script?

    I am wondering if this is just a commercial fork of the ancient PHProxy script?
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    It's hard to say just looking at it but at $37 a throw I can't see there being many buyers. As proxies go it's a bit of a fail too imo, the address bar doesn't hide anything, it's plain text so no anonymous browsing, and there's no url bar or options of any kind either. It could be old for all anyone knows and have auto date for the copyright, but there's free proxy scripts so widely available now it's probably someone just looking for mugs that don't know any better to part with their hard earned. YouTube doesn't work so users won't be happy with it either. A point for effort but nothing for usabilty I'm afraid, 1/10
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    I saw Clonepal and passed it up pretty quick. Even the demo shows how weak it is.

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