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    Many proxies submitted today to Tech Faq use CPALead for proxified pages.
    Is this advertiser making money? how much? are the users returning? is CPALead accepting only US traffic? i ask because not anyone can complete the surveys to use the proxy. I can't browse using these proxies.

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    I tried it on my proxy list site for an hour or so, I quickly removed.

    I know someone who is having a little success running on regular proxies.
    I believe he lets them browse quite a few pages then asks them to complete a survey - they have the choice at this stage to refuse and carry on browsing.

    After another batch of pages again they are asked and then after a while you are forced to complete one.

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    I do recommend people check them out for other projects

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    Back when cpalead just launched I had it running on a few proxies to toy with.. The results in earnings were about the same between the CPM of proxied pages and running cpalead. The one bad thing though, is traffic was little to none after a few days on the cpalead one. =|

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    I tested it awhile ago with both CPALead and my own toolbar and saw similar results to CPM ads in the proxified pages. I think the guys doing it on the Tech FAQ list are just making a few dollars per proxy but are covering their costs with it.
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    Another way to annoy website visitors in the name of making money. Not the best way to make money.
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    yeah i wouldn't recommend it. its not worth it. you annoy your users with proxified pages. Honestly, i would just stick to adsense and just put a bunch of ads on your proxy site. It looks like he is making not enough since, there are a lot of other proxies at tech-faq and most of these visitors are returning visitors so they just leave that proxy and go visit the next one.

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