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Thread: CPM rate on proxified pages

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    CPM rate on proxified pages

    Hey, I just started working with a new CPM company, and am getting $0.06CPM. Is this standard for proxy proxified pages, is it low, high?

    I'm getting about 100k views a day so it's a nice addition to my other advertising networks..just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting less than I could.


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    Are you getting this for crap traffic too? If yes, than you're on a moneymaker LoL if not, it's not a lot than..
    Check out Adversals' rates:
    Publisher Network Advertising Network

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm using adversal, and they only do CPM on actual pop-ups or pop-unders. So depending on your # per 30 minutes it'll only be a percentage of your total volume. For example, 100k banner vs 9k adversal.

    Proxies are at just .9 CPM with adversal though, right? Are oyu actually at their maximum?

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    For banner impressions that seems about average. At least it's also my average. If you can sort by 'country group' with your new cpm network you should be able to find which territories are getting best rates.

    Here's best average eCPM for my past 7 days based on country

    Ireland 0.14
    Finland 0.12
    Portugal 0.12
    Norway 0.11
    Denmark 0.11
    United States 0.07
    Sweden 0.06
    Spain 0.05
    New Zealand 0.05
    France 0.05
    Germany 0.04
    Australia 0.04

    The ones above the US kind've surprised me, got me thinking maybe I need to get myself some more traffic from those regions. But most likely those rates would drop as impressions went up. So I guess I'm okay with how things are, US is my major traffic source, and so long as it's rates stay consistent I'm happy.

    And man, I really gotta get setup with adversal, my current pop-under rates are averaged at:

    Germany 0.85
    France 0.77
    United Kingdom 0.74
    United States 0.48

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    Looking at those rates (If they are banners) its pretty good. My average for mediashakers is $0.04-$0.06.

    I've tried applying for adversal, but they just ignore my applications

    All the best

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    Thanks a lot for the input guys. It's very helpful.

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    100k views/day is pretty good. Even if that does seem low your traffic isn't the best more than likely so why not take it and run?

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    Running Adbrite isn't bad at all. Some people complain about the CPM/CPC mix, but it's working in my favor quite a lot. I have heard however though, that they are trying to distance from proxys - but i'm still an affiliate so not sure.

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