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Thread: Dedicated Ip fro a proxy?

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    Dedicated Ip fro a proxy?

    I want to know is that, Is there any effect of having a dedicated Ip address for a proxy site or you can go well with a shared one hosting other people proxies too?

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    You are better off using a Dedicated IP Address, because you will be the only one on it. If you go shared you will be on the same IP as many others. So it is worth it to pay the extra for dedicated IPs based on my experience.

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    Also some filtering programs block by IP so if other proxy site is are using that ip then your proxies wont perform as well. However there is not a guarantee with a dedicated as you could be issued an ip from there allotted block that has already been used for another site and they stop hosting it or other reason. But yes a dedicated is always your best choice

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