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Thread: Do you think this is okay or not?

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    Do you think this is okay or not?

    Okay, I have been getting more and more proxy sites submitted to my proxies blog.
    In reviewing the proxies prior to accepting them (got to keep out non-proxy and proxy lists, etc), I have found this:

    That there are more and more proxies that HIDE the url submission form!
    Put ads all around, the more the merrier, and never identify the spot where one would put in the url to use the proxy.
    Even ran into a few proxies that make the google search form very prominent and make it seem like that is what one uses.

    Do you think this is a good thing?
    To make it so hard for a proxy user to find the url submission form?

    Or do you think it is horrible, like I do?
    I am thinking, that I want my visitors to go to only good proxies where they can easily find the right url submission form without hunting all over or finding it buried in ads.
    So I may clean out the list on my proxies blog and delete those proxies that make it hard for visitors to use.
    And not accept such crap proxies ever....


  2. its not okay. i sometimes use proxy site to access site which blocks our country.
    and its horrible to see those proxy site full of ads.
    if possible add text telling visitors where to put links or a simple tutorial.

    make it easy to find since its what the users want in the first place.

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    I like that....

    True, I look at so many proxies and it is a hunting job to find where one puts in the url.

    And I have to also say this, and that is those types of proxies are spammier than even the MFA's....

    Oh well, I will start the cleaning process tomorrow.

    And no longer accept spammy proxies.

    I want my visitors to use the best proxies....

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    I've never allowed hidden url boxes myself, it kind of defeats the point of easy to use proxies imho. Some do it deliberately, but some don't, like when the ads are the wrong size for the template or it renders differently depending on the browser, but these things should be checked so it's negligent on the owners part not to test properly. As a proxy user I won't touch the hidden url box ones with a barge pole, they're just spamverts and I hate them.

    It might be a good idea to have a submission rules on the proxy list, I do on mine and so do some others, that way it makes it clear what's accepted and what isn't (assuming they can read English of course). There's no excuse then, they can't say "I didn't know" when it's in plain black 'n white. It won't stop the spammers or the numpty's but it all helps. Idiots will still submit garbage but then they're idiots
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

  5. No, it's definitely not okay to hide the form. If you're going to do something like that to stop automated submissions then at least put a captcha on there.
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    It is not automated submissions on my blog.
    I do review each submission before I accept or delete.

  7. Reviewing each site before it goes on is a REALLY great service to provide to your readers, my topsites generally require a backlink (I reckon if they can go to the bother of adding a backlink then the sites will probably be ok) and then I review them manually and check for dead links automatically using the link checker tool on netbuilders (SOOO useful btw). Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

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    I recently raised the same issue with Baron on, since i was seeing the same website being advertised through email blasts, i complained about these sites to braon but the thread was removed and i was asked to contact privately for such issues. but i still see websites are continued to be submitted in mailblast and baron is not really worried about it.

    And there should be some method to detect such faulty entries, i don't think they deserve place in proxy list.

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    I have mixed feelings about it. Some of my proxy sites have easy to find URL forms and others have them buried at the bottom, but they're still functional proxy sites. The latter gives me higher CTR, I'm sorry to say. That's not to say list webmasters shouldn't be discerning and weed out low quality proxies. The opinion on that seems to be mixed. I've seen a few list sites that explicitly say the URL form has to be prominently displayed or that it has to be visible without scrolling. On the other hand, the more you reject the more people you're inadvertently stealing backlinks from if they took the time to add one for you.

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    Of course those spammy proxies would have a higher ctr.
    People inadvertently clicking on ads thinking they are close to or doing so to add their url.
    They are spam. Pure and simple.

    And since I do NOT get a recip, there is absolutely no freaking stealing involved in rejecting spam proxies.

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