Okay, I have been getting more and more proxy sites submitted to my proxies blog.
In reviewing the proxies prior to accepting them (got to keep out non-proxy and proxy lists, etc), I have found this:

That there are more and more proxies that HIDE the url submission form!
Put ads all around, the more the merrier, and never identify the spot where one would put in the url to use the proxy.
Even ran into a few proxies that make the google search form very prominent and make it seem like that is what one uses.

Do you think this is a good thing?
To make it so hard for a proxy user to find the url submission form?

Or do you think it is horrible, like I do?
I am thinking, that I want my visitors to go to only good proxies where they can easily find the right url submission form without hunting all over or finding it buried in ads.
So I may clean out the list on my proxies blog and delete those proxies that make it hard for visitors to use.
And not accept such crap proxies ever....