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Thread: Does anybody get traffic from

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    Does anybody get traffic from

    I used to think that is one of the top proxy lists and so I submit my every proxy there. But i haven't seen any traffic from there in google analytics. Am i missing something?

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    No never got any traffic from them, i doubt they have real traffic, seems to me all fake alexa rank
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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.

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    Mwolk.Com is an amazing site, but with the worst management ever. I've worked for the owner, he promised me to pay me but I never got a single Dollar.

    He let's all proxies 'pending', and accepts 3 new proxies daily. But with the amount of proxies submitted, this means that the old proxies get submitted as new proxies which sucks.

    The good Alexa is because the site is BIG, it's not about proxies only Just browse a few pages, and you'll know what I mean
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    I Agree with Aquarezz, I think the owner doesn`t have adequate time to manage it.

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