Today I will be talking about how an administrator can block a site through their server. So lets began shall we? Ok, first of all in this little discussion I will point out that administrators sometimes have options in their control panel to limit site domain extensions. This means it will give them the options to control a domain extension that you can view as a limited user on a server. Considering I am at a job corps facility we have limited rights as a user on a network and computer. So if I view a site that is a .com it can be blocked. But considering their are lot's of .coms out their they do not do that because the government has their .com and the USDA doesn't want to eliminate every .com. Alright, now the network administrators also have an option to write in meta keywords that will automatically block a site with the right keyword. Which means, If i was a network administrator, and I wanted to block a keyword from a meta tag such as proxy, anonymous, unknown, or something like that I would write those keywords in a field and the network filter would recognize it once that limited user viewed a site with those keywords, and it would block the site brining you to a site like this:

Now, I will talk about catagories when filtering out certain sites. You have the option to catagories your blocked sites using catagories like pornography, proxy, games, unknown.

So when making a proxy site, make sure you use specific keywords in your templates. For example instead of using the word:

"Proxy" - in your html title

Change it in the title & use:

<title> Anonymous Surfing </title>

This will help your site be viewed by everyone, because if your site is blocked by a network people will not be able to view it. Keep this in mind when making proxy sites.

Kindest Regards,