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Thread: Facebook blank page

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    Facebook blank page

    I have delete the facebook plugin now facebook works fine but it load blank pages, does anybody have solution, working this up. I really need facebook to work properly. Anyone can suggest solution !

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    I have two files in my plugins folder, you might need both too. One makes it use the mobile version and I have no idea what the other does but it can't hurt to have it.

    The first is (copy code and save as... then upload):
    * Plugin: Facebook
    * Description:
    * Changes the user-agent so Facebook sends us the mobile version.
    function preRequest() {
       global $toSet;
       $toSet[CURLOPT_USERAGENT] = 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows CE; IEMobile 6.1)';
    and the second is (ditto):
    * Plugin: Facebook
    * Description:
    *  (1) Disables the "Queue transfers" option for external stylesheets
    *      and javascript on Facebook, allowing a faster pageload time.
    *      Lag is especially noticeable on Facebook due to the huge number
    *      of external resources required. Anything to reduce the lag is useful!
    *  (2) Fixes an AJAX problem avoiding the "Network Error #1001" message
    *  (3) Fixes a major navigation issue when Facebook attempts to change the URL
    *      on-the-fly.
    $CONFIG['queue_transfers'] = false;
     * Pre-parser for changes before the main proxy parser.
     * @param string $input
     * @param string $type can be "javascript", "css" or "html"
     * @return string
    function preParse($input, $type) {
       // What type of document do we have?
       switch ( $type ) {
          case 'javascript':
             global $URL;
             // Apply changes to the main javascript file
             if ( strpos($URL['filename'], '84ccno2p1zc44848.pkg.js') !== false ) {
                // Target:  _interpretTransportResponse for parsing the AJAX reply
                // Problem: uses eval() to interpret response but our eval() wrapper
                //          creates a scoping issue, resulting in no response getting back
                // Change:  use the return value instead of setting a value within the eval()
                // Line:    801
                #$input = str_replace("eval('response = ('+safeResponse+')')","response = eval('('+safeResponse+')')", $input);
                // Target: unknown
                // Problem: as above but another fix is required somewhere.
                // To do: find out where and do a more specific change.
                $input = str_replace("eval", 'base_eval', $input);
                // Target:  _filter() function for determining if Facebook should mess with the URL
                //          defaults to true after checking for various special cases
                // Problem: unknown, just that it tries to take us to the wrong URL and hangs
                // Change:  always return false
                // Line:    613
               # $input = str_replace('return true;},getProtocol:f', 'return false;},getProtocol:f', $input);
       return $input;
    Give those a try, hope it helps
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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    @UncleP Thank you, you always been very very helpful. Keep it up and i just installed the version you suggested, working great.

    @Codename Thank you so much, but the script you have, has got loads of bugs so its not fully functional, i would rather keep my visitor stucked with mobile version.

  5. Alright. I'll keep working on the script. Hopefully I'll be able to eke more functionality out of it

    If anyone who knows anything about AJAX wants to help me, I'm open to offers. Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

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