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Thread: Facebook problems?

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    Facebook problems?

    Anyone else having problems with facebook? It worked last week, but I'm not sure what happened, but it's not working now. Glype 1.1
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    What DC are you hosting with? Facebook has been known to block IP's from FDC often.
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    Limestone networks
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    My IP isn't banned. I was able to access it with cgiproxy, although facebook is a mess with cgiproxy.
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    So glype is working with facebook for everyone? What plugins are people using? I tried it on a fresh box never used for proxies before and i got the same problem. Just a blank page after login.

    Bah, I need to get this fixed quickly. Any suggestions on methods to debug this?
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    Anyone able to provide me with a working plugin for facebook? I've been using the simple useragent one that came with glype.
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    Increasing connection timeout to 60 works for me.

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    do you also have the plugin? facebook is now using the cdn for most things. [attached just in case]
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    Yea I have that one. The timeout is large, as that fixed a problem that I had a couple weeks ago.

    So this works for everyone else? Hrmmmmmmm
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    Could anyone try logging into facebook @ unblockbook . net

    I wonder if it's just my user or something......bah
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