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Thread: Facebook problems?

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    Facebook problems?

    Anyone else having problems with facebook? It worked last week, but I'm not sure what happened, but it's not working now. Glype 1.1
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    What DC are you hosting with? Facebook has been known to block IP's from FDC often.
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    Limestone networks
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    My IP isn't banned. I was able to access it with cgiproxy, although facebook is a mess with cgiproxy.
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    So glype is working with facebook for everyone? What plugins are people using? I tried it on a fresh box never used for proxies before and i got the same problem. Just a blank page after login.

    Bah, I need to get this fixed quickly. Any suggestions on methods to debug this?
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    Anyone able to provide me with a working plugin for facebook? I've been using the simple useragent one that came with glype.
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    Increasing connection timeout to 60 works for me.

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    do you also have the plugin? facebook is now using the cdn for most things. [attached just in case]
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  9. Which file is that needs to be edited?

    Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by small View Post
    Increasing connection timeout to 60 works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coows View Post
    Which file is that needs to be edited?

    Thank you!
    If it's Glype and your using the admin.php just look for 'Connection timeout' under 'Transfer settings' on the Edit Settings tab. OR you can just edit "$CONFIG['connection_timeout'] = X;" in includes/settings.php

    But 60 seconds is a reallllly long time. Experiment with what works best for you, and what won;t take for ever to timeout on a nonexist domain etc.

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