As I mentioned before, I said I was interested in starting a proxy host. While I am not ready for this, I wanted to try it out by just renting a VPS and letting out some accounts. The prices below are what I have come up with, so that I make some (very very little) profit, and I have compared it to other hosting providers (TMZHosting and TechEntrance) and it is around the same or even better than them.

Here are features:
cPanel Servers
4GB Guaranteed Ram (8GB Burstable)
Free Nightly Backups
Auto-Reboots on server failures

I am also only selling a portion of the server - 2/3 of it. This will leave 1/3 of the resources in case of sudden traffic surges.

Here are the plans I have come up with. The better the plan, the more you save:

1GB Disk Space
50GB Bandwidth
2 Domains

3GB Disk Space
100GB Bandwidth
5 Domains

5GB Disk Space
200GB Bandwidth
10 Domains

10GB Disk Space
500GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains

Support would be provided via Email, PM, and MSN. CGI proxies would not be allowed (until I start upgrading and getting better servers).

I would like opinions below, and if anybody is actually interested in this, please PM me.