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Thread: Fix Proxy Listing Exploit

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    Talking Fix Proxy Listing Exploit

    So recently some proxy listing owners must have suffered from panic due to exploit on there script.But at last here is the fix of the script.Just replace the admin.php in the script of . And be happy .

    New Code : New - Paste-It

    Thank You .

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    What kind of exploit and what was the effect of this exploit on script??
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrilledChicked View Post

    What kind of exploit and what was the effect of this exploit on script??
    Effect : We can jump into admin panel.

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    Ah i don't have that jumping problem in my admin panel Lol
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  5. Hi, thanks for releasing a fix for the problem ... Next time maybe you should tell us instead of hacking our sites

    Would just changing the name of the admin.php file to something like 8987adsf fix the problem ?

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    WebEvador, technically no. But that is security by obscurity. As long as no one knew the path to your admin file they couldn't get it. I wouldn't consider that a long term fix.
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  7. @ Nux thanks hmm are there any other simple ways of improving security like that ?

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    Might ask Aquarezz for a copy of his admin.php as he said he didnt have the issue. Wonder if this has something to do with sessions or a security on the different servers as its a hit and miss some sites were effected and others were not.

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    Admin panel needs password, so how anyone can jump in??
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