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Thread: Free eBook for Proxy Webmasters

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    Free eBook for Proxy Webmasters

    Maximize Your Web Proxies Revenue Using The CPA Method

    This is a short 3-page ebook that was written to teach you step by step how to implement CPA leads into your web proxy and increase your revenue. If you haven't already put CPA offers on your web proxy then you are missing out!

    Visit the eBook and follow the steps to putting CPA advertisements on your proxy site along with your regular pay per click ads.

    Maximize Earnings on Your Proxy Sites eBook

    Please feel free to share the ebook with other proxy webmasters that you know. Put it on your blogs or wherever else.

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    thanks for that...going to read it now

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    What kind of CPA offers do you see converting well on proxy sites?
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    In the past, I had 1 conversion ($0.96) for a ps3 email submit.
    I think that should work better with more traffic =)

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