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    Free promotion

    Hey, I have a mailing list of over 1800 people and they're itchin for proxies. I'm looking for people who have new, fresh, unblocked, quality proxies that want some free advertisements.

    Just post your proxy here, I'll check it out and send it in a newsletter if it looks good.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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    Webevader, there seems to be a problem with It shows blank proxified page.

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    All these proxies are old. I'm looking for new fresh ones. I've been only sending my newsgroup fresh new proxies. I'd like to keep it that way. Some of those domains are over a year old.
    Submit Your Proxies @

  4. kk sorry

    hmmm thats weird... Need to check it out..

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    I have
    Cabins Renta
    New & Free widget is ready !
    7 methods to create free PVAs at

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    I have sent you some proxies that haven't been promoted yet

    Greetz & great free offer!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    fresh and brand new

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    making a new one soon i will give to you before its promoted

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    I've got enough for now. Thanks guys. Just looking for something to hold over my hungry newsgroup users =)

    I'll post again later when I have more room.

    Submit Your Proxies @

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