I have done everything I can to configure all 3 hosting servers and place limits on the number of accounts per server. There are still periodic load spikes. Considering the nature of proxy hosting, this is most likely due to end-users downloading large files or making excessive requests via proxies. After a certain point, it is up to proxy webmasters to place limitations on their scripts. The majority of proxy users don't click ads or buy things and want to leech as much as they can for free.

Here are my biggest recommendations:

  • Use .htaccess to block scrapers and spammers.
  • Log into cPanel. Open AWStats. Change the date display to show stats for the previous month (January in this case. It's too early this month to get detailed statistics). Click 'Hosts'. There you will find the IP addresses of your visitors along with how much bandwidth each one has used. Copy the IP addresses of the high bandwidth users and paste them into the 'IP Deny Manager' in cPanel.
  • Place limits in Glype on the maximum file size that can be downloaded.
  • Place a load limiter on Glype so that if the server's load average reaches a certain point, it will start rejecting users until the load subsides.
  • Disable hotlinking.

If anyone hosted at x Proxy Host wants this done, just send me a PM with your account username and I'll take care of it for you at no extra cost. It's something that helps everyone.