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    Talking General Proxy Discussion Chat Topic

    Since there are a lot of proxy owners here, feel free to do a chit chat and come up with some news about proxies

    If it is something intresting, make a topic: HERE

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    This will be like the Proxy Discussion thread. We can learn a lot from your experiences! Will be reading this thread everyday for sure.

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    Me too. I'm not much into proxies but I have one, so I'll be following your progress...
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    I'd like to get into some Proxies, so aye I'll be looking out for updates here

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    Nice one aqua, looking forward to see it

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    Well you have quite a few proxies m8 this will be quite a big daily report,

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    14 January 2009 - Day 1
    The first day was pretty cool in fact! Though I'm still busy with my new load of fresh bought proxy domains (75 @ Godaddy), thanks to Charles for buying them for me. The new proxies all have the different ways of advertising, without Adversal/Adbrite etc.. I might add some more great things, but before I can do that, I need to buy 2 more sites (adult related) which will earn me more 'points' so I can improve the sales.

    At the moment of writing this I'm encountering a problem with my hosting... Since Daniel from TMZHosting.Com (great guy) doesn't want to ban people using a big load on the server, he prefers adding people to new servers... He did the same with me, but at the peeks it's offline again though. As I like Daniel, TMZHosting and the service (I'm support giver at TMZ too btw) I would like to stay there as it's fast, cheap, reliable etc.. but if it keeps going like this, I might move to another host like or move to a VPS or Dedicated...
    (Once I'm at the Tech-Faq top, my proxy is offline lol.. bad day )

    Another great tool I found for proxy owners receiving good amount of proxy users, and don't want to directly share their PayPal accounts but want to make visible all donations through PayPal are welcome is ChipIn.
    You can view their website here:
    It's pretty much easy, you add a title/text/amount and add the codebox to all your proxies... It's the best to double the amount you monthly have to pay for hosting, as that will show having proxies is a costly business.

    The best thing today was, that my Proxy Yahoo Group got over 2000 members! It got 286 new members in the last 7 days, that's better than Baron Munchausens' proxy group Everyday_Proxy which is one of the fastest growing groups at Yahoo Groups, but now I'm at the top Thanks to this I will earn an extra $44,- per month (Maybe more, if I can sell #2 links )

    At the moment the extra monetization didn't pay off yet, but it was only on 1 proxy for 1 day so it's normal, I'm currently adding it to all my proxies which will probably help!

    Goodbye Diary, speak you tomorrow!

    @5starpix, thanks; hope you will learn something from this thread
    @codythebest, same as 5starpix
    @Stylosa, alright, if you have questions, ask them and I'll try to give the best answer as possible!
    @Loko & Jordan, alright, hope this post had something good in it already


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    @Loko & Jordan, alright, hope this post had something good in it already
    Yes it does. Proxies are something very new to me so i'm looking forward to read about your adventures.

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    Great post !
    I'm going to start a new proxy network with arround 50$ of investisment (10 proxies + hosting).

    How much did it cost to you to set up this networks (75 proxies ) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come View Post
    Great post !
    I'm going to start a new proxy network with arround 50$ of investisment (10 proxies + hosting).

    How much did it cost to you to set up this networks (75 proxies ) ?
    First of all, thanks a lot about the comment about my post.. I will do shorter ones in future as this one is kinda long, and I ain't sure if people are willing to read it...
    But that's something I know now

    About your network.. make sure you buy the 10 proxies on Godaddy and use .info's (no expensive .com's or stupid .cn's)
    As your budget is big for 10 domains (I would buy more domains as hosting isn't that expensive lol) but if you would only buy 10 proxies, make sure you host them at the best proxy host (link is in my reply above)

    About my proxies.. well I have to explain first that I have more than 75 proxies, yesterday I discovered a new account full of proxies on my account at (I forgot I had that account lol) but yeah.. I have hell a lot of proxies at the moment..
    And in future I will always buy my .info's at godaddy for 1,20$ per domain.. as other registrars are too costly
    I currently have only 75 at GD.. but I receive 150$ from Hostgator affiliate soon so I will buy another couple of hundred proxies

    But to reply your question.. the hole network in this hole time (I will count only last 3 months) costed me +-750$... but I did earn a lot with it

    I might post my Adsense stats etc here too in my diary, to give some more info about it


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