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    I was hesitating between posting this in Proxy section or Monetization section, but I posted it here...
    Did GlobalInteractive work for you (proxy owners)?

    I might try it now, but I need some comments first...

    Best comment.. I'll signup via your referral URL (If it's possible)


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    GI works but not real well. For my proxified pages I use (listed in performance order)

    I get an average of around $2 a day from GI, Adtoll is good if you have a good Alexa rank as you can charge advertisers more and they will pay.

    GI works for me as it makes it deposits via paypal around the 18th of the month. I think there payout minimum is $50 never missed a payment only thing I dont care for is there interface on the account panel.

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    Alright, Thanks for the post Mr. Bill


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    Checking out the competition yesterday i see alot of proxy sites have these ads plastered all over their sites, but most of the time they were just showing globalinteractive filler ads which i assume they wont get paid for.
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    Would you guys say GI is only best for proxy sites? Do they pay well on clicks?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Would you guys say GI is only best for proxy sites? Do they pay well on clicks?

    Didnt get that. Are u trying to ask if GI works well only with proxies? Or are u trying to ask if GI is the b est option for proxies?

    From my personal experience, it works the same way for proxy and non proxy sites.

    I dont consider them to be the best option for proxies. Infact I used to have them in the footer just for the CPM sake. adbrite and adversal are the which i found out to be the best for proxified pages.

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    You abswered my first question. Second question is

    "Do they pay well on clicks?" Is it keyword based?

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    Let me voice my opinion:

    Using ADBRITE , GI, Adversal , Widgetbucks on mine...

    Comparision between performance and Earning

    ADBrite: My Proxy load time increases nearly 4 Times,
    Earning - Very Poor, Less than 0.5 $ Per day

    Widgetbucks: Their Ad Server is a bit slow at times and target audience in only US and Canada for most of the times, so it shows very less ads!
    Just one problem that i feel with it is that we need to place ads on ALL our pages to get the site approved !
    - Are low but since i dont use it excessively it is ok!

    Adversal: Wel Well nothing much is needed to say ... But if its too many of them show up it tends to irritate people!
    Earning: Pretty ok


    Globalinteractive : It has been my main source of income for a long time! The combination of pops and banners will give you some real good eCPMs and it serves ads to even places like IRAN, surely at a very low CPM but hey atleast something !
    The adserving is fast and the fill rate is good enough! Or atleast it shows a default banner ! Since it a derived unit of the famous YIELD MANAGER it tends to have the best quality of ads ! No cheap stuff !.... I personally like what they show and have seen CPMs shoot to great highs at times ! Totally love it !
    Earnings : AWESOME

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