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Thread: Glype facebook login problem

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    Glype facebook login problem

    Hey, I've noticed that when trying to login to facebook (and reports of myspace) that you simply get redirected back to the main page.

    I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue, or if anyone had any ideas on how to debug/fix this.

    One example of where it happens is sidemart com

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    I just replied to the thread on DP.

    Just tested sidemart and yes it redirected me to the homepage.

    Have test my proxies and they still seem to work... strange.. indeed. also using glype v1.1

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    Well it seems that the problem is/was the connection timeout setting in glype. Setting the timeout from 5 to 120 fixed it.

    This seems like an issue on Facebook's side for now. Hoping it will resolve itself over time. A timeout of 120 seconds isn't good for server performance.
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    That's actually a very old issue (it just pops up from time to time) and it seems to be tied to the curl library used to make the remote connection to facebook and the way it handles (rather poorly) the round robin dns setup employed by Facebook.

    Not much you can do about it unless you feel up to the task of converting Glype to use fopen calls the way phproxy used to do it

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