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Thread: Glype settings..need help

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    Glype settings..need help

    I want to make my glype faster and lighter..please tell me how to manage the "Transfer Options" in Glype setting??

    What should be the:

    • connection timeout
    • transfer timeout
    • filesize limit(I have kept it at 2MB)
    • Download speed limit
    • Resume transfer - Yes/No
    • Queue Transfers- Yes/No

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    I run different settings on different proxies, depending on what I'll let the users do with it.

    connection timeout: 6-7 (I believe its set at 5, but I give 1-2 sec more)
    transfer timeout: 300 (see below: "download speed limit")
    filesize limit: 2-5 (I run at 5, but 2 is ok. Not a real reason behind the 5, I think I tried it and just never changed back to 2)
    Download speed limit: 0 (if you change this, you'll need to change the transfer timeout. I leave it at "0" and allow 60 sec per meg of download - 60 sec x 5 megs = 300 sec.)
    Resume transfer: No (if your not allowing downloads from file storage sites, I'd leave it No)
    Queue Transfers: No (one download at a time is enough)

    The above settings should work out pretty well for you.

    I have a glype tutorial at my site (Setting Up A Glype Proxy (Detailed)- that layouts how to get a glype proxy up and running. I'm working on one now that will cover the best settings and etc...

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    I dont put any download speed limit. The faster they get the file the better.
    Queue Transfers , I put no. What happens if the this on. It locks the $_SESSION per connection so they will get locked into a page if there is still something downloading. (like a Youtube video) Which means they will not be able to get out of the page until the video is done downloading. That creates a usability problem. You can try that yourself. Go to Youtube with your proxy and start playing the video. With it On. You will not beable to leave the page until the video is done downloading.

    I have been running proxy sites for 2 years and always kept my file size at 100MB.
    Transfer timeout - I allow up to 600 seconds. (10 minutes. What they are downloading after that point will be cut off)
    Connection timeout - 5 seconds. If my server can't connect within 5 seconds its probably a dead site.
    Submit new proxies -

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