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Thread: Godaddy banned my domain?

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    Godaddy banned my domain?

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    I got this email today... They pretty much just removed one of my domains.
    Dear ******,

    The following domain names have been suspended for violation
    of the, Inc. Abuse Policy:


    If the domain name(s) listed above are private, your Domains By
    Proxy(R) account has also been suspended.

    View our Legal Agreement & Terms of Service policies:

    Please contact us by email at
    for additional information regarding this notification.

    Sincerely,, Inc.
    Spam and Abuse Department
    Abuse Department Hotline: 480-624-2505

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    That was a web

    Copyright 2010, Inc.. All rights reserved.
    They banned a domain my proxy was running on, wtf?

    The proxy site was only 11 days old, and getting 300 uniques a day. :\

    They suspended my hosting account AND my domain name for running a proxy. Wow.
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    The web hosting account for FUNBLOCK.ORG has been suspended for violating Go Daddy's Terms of Service.

    Go Daddy’s Abuse Department was recently alerted by Go Daddy’s Security Operations Center that the web hosting account for FUNBLOCK.ORG was running an anonymous proxy service, which is against Go Daddy's Terms of Service. As a result, your web hosting account for FUNBLOCK.ORG has been suspended.

    At this point you have two options:

    ----- Option # 1: Remain a Go Daddy customer, reactivate your web hosting account.

    If you wish to remain a Go Daddy customer and reactivate your web hosting account you must reply to this message with the following:

    1. A statement that you will not initiate, or allow a third party to initiate, this type of anonymous gateway in the future.

    2. A statement that you have reviewed Go Daddy's terms of service policies, with your assurance that these policies will not be violated in the future. Go Daddy's Legal Agreements and Terms of Service policies are located on Go Daddy's "Legal Agreement" page. Click the following link to access Go Daddy's "Legal Agreements" page:

    3. Authorization for to charge the credit card on file for your account a non-refundable $199 reactivation fee (you may want to log into your Go Daddy account and confirm that the card on file is valid and has not expired).

    Please understand that if the problem persists, after your web hosting account has been reactivated the first time, the services in question will be immediately canceled.

    ----- Option #2: Move your web hosting account to a new web hosting provider.

    If option #1 is not agreeable to you, or you are unable to abide by Go Daddy's policies, you will need to move your website to another provider. To do this you will need to reply to this message with the following:

    1. A statement that you will initiate the transfer of your website to another web hosting provider within the next 24 hours.

    2. Authorization for to charge a non-refundable $75 administration fee to the credit card on file for your account. This fee is used to reimburse Go Daddy for the costs we have incurred in addressing this matter (again, you may want to log into your Go Daddy account and confirm that the card on file is valid and has not expired).

    Every Go Daddy customer that has services suspended for violating Go Daddy's Policies must choose one of these options if they wish to resolve the situation. These options are not negotiable. The fees cannot be reduced or waived.

    We appreciate your cooperation and willingness to address this issue. Please let us know what course of action you choose to take. If you wish to discuss this situation via telephone Go Daddy's Spam and Abuse Department can be reached at 480-624-2505.


    Spam and Abuse Department
    24/7 Abuse Department Hotline: 480-624-2505
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    Send an email to and ask for an explanation
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    Yeah, I send an email to their abuse department.
    Did some searching on the internet about this, and apparently it's going to cost $199 to reactivate, or $75 to switch registars. What the fuck... It's not worth it.

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    does that domain violate a corporate brand or copyright?

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    First of all your domain wasn't banned, it was suspended - I just thought I'd make that clear.

    Just simply call their hot-line, and ask them why your domain was suspended.

  6. Are you using their hosting also? I would transfer the domain out of godaddy to another registrar in either case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhartzer View Post
    Are you using their hosting also? I would transfer the domain out of godaddy to another registrar in either case.
    They basically took both my hosting + domain. I have no control over it.

    I'm not violating anything, because if I was, (as opposed to would've been suspended too, right?

    What is this "spam and abuse" bs.

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    Update. Read first post...

    Who knew Godaddy had a policy against "anonymous proxy service", wtf?
    Then I checked their TOS, CONTROL + F = Found nothing about proxies. I also checked their policy pages. They're accusing me of violating their policy on what isn't even in their policy.

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    You use hosting Godaddy for web proxy ?

    You have to buy proxy hosting .. not in godaddy hosting, they not allow proxy..

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    may be you did something with godaddy shared hosting server.
    They are not allowing proxies on hosting and may be this is the reason...
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